Our Voting History

Quest voted on 379 resolutions at 56 meetings in the year to December 2023.

In 32% of meetings, Quest recorded an AGAINST vote.

These included Aristocrat, Santos, CSL, NAB and SSR Mining.

In 9% of resolutions, Quest voted AGAINST the proposed resolution.

The voting process can entail extensive discussion with the Board and management of investee companies.

Voting by Resolution

Year to
Dec 2023

Voting by Meetings

Year to
Dec 2023

Our guiding principles regarding voting are:

  • Voting rights should be exercised and in the best interests of clients;
  • Relevant and available information will be considered in forming a decision;
  • Abstaining from voting is considered in limited circumstances (ie. excluded from voting by the Corporations Act; a conflict of interest exists or not in the interest of clients to vote)
  • A platform/mandate may not allow Quest to vote.

The voting decision is determined by the relevant portfolio manager.

Quest consider research from various proxy advisor professionals including Ownership Matters & ASCI. We lodge votes via the ISS platform.