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Quest Long Short Australian Equities Fund

This portfolio is available for investment via the Equity Trustees platform.

lease click on the below link to access the  Quest Long Short Australian Equities Fund PDS.

Quest Long Short Australian Equities Fund PDS

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This information is intended as indicative and general information rather than advice. Quest Asset Partners holds an AFS Wholesale Licence. Quest’s products are not directly available to, and may not be appropriate for, retail investors. Retail clients may invest via a retail platform and should seek advice from their financial adviser before doing so. The information has been prepared without taking account of any individual’s objectives, financial situation or needs. The portfolio returns quoted above represent the return achieved if invested directly in the Quest Long Short Fund since inception (April 2020). Individual returns will differ for investors that invest on different platforms, made an initial investment after this inception date or where additional investments, redemptions or any SPP investments have been made. Past performance provides no guide to future performance. Neither Quest Asset Partners Pty Limited nor any member of Quest guarantees the performance of Quest funds, the repayment of capital or any particular return. Please contact Quest for further information.