Quest Australian Equities Ex-20 Portfolio SMA


Portfolio Features


5 January 2017

Benchmark Index

S&P/ASX300 ex 20 Index

No of holdings

20 - 40

Typical cash weight

3 - 10%

Investment horizon

3 - 5 years

Portfolio Manager

Troy Cairns




Reviewed and Rated by Lonsec

How to invest

Mason Stevens Platform, Xplore Wealth Platform and MyNorth

Investment Strategy

The Quest Ex-20 Portfolio is a Separately Managed Account (SMA), actively managed by Quest Asset Partners. The Portfolio comprises between 20 and 40 securities and aims to outperform the S&P/ASX 300 index excluding the 20 largest companies. The Portfolio will have significant exposure to mid and small-capitalised stocks benefiting from our proven investment process and experience with smaller companies.

The assessment of business quality is fundamental to the Quest investment process. We aim to identify companies that can deliver good returns on invested capital and sustain those returns through time. Quest has a long track record of investment performance leveraging this process.

The portfolio will typically have a bias to companies with growth characteristics (revenue, earnings and return on equity) and can be expected to have significant exposure to companies not in the benchmark. Both these exposures will vary through time as opportunities arise.

Portfolio risk is actively managed with a focus on capital preservation.

Quest Portfolio Returns

* Inception: 5 January 2017

How to Invest

This portfolio is available for investment via the Mason Stevens platform.

Wholesale Investors

New wholesale investors should contact Quest directly.

For existing wholesale investors please contact Quest.

Retail Investors

For retail investors, please contact your Financial Adviser.


How To Invest Enquiries

Should you require any further information regarding how to invest, please contact Mari-Anne Unger.

Mari-Anne Unger

Operations and Compliance Officer

02 9409 2304

FUND Enquiries

For further information on the fund, please contact Quest on or Troy Cairns.

Troy Cairns

Director / Portfolio Manager

02 9409 2303

Swapan Pandya, CFA

Investment Analyst

02 9409 2302


This information is intended as indicative and general information rather than advice. Quest Asset Partners holds an AFS Wholesale Licence. Quest’s products are not directly available to, and may not be appropriate for, retail investors. Retail clients may invest via a retail platform and should seek advice from their financial adviser before doing so. The information has been prepared without taking account of any individual’s objectives, financial situation or needs. The portfolio returns quoted above represent the return achieved if invested in the Quest portfolio on the Mason Stevens platform since inception (June 2016). Individual returns will differ for investors that made an initial investment after this inception date or where additional investments, redemptions or any SPP investments have been made. Past performance provides no guide to future performance. Neither Quest Asset Partners Pty Limited nor any member of Quest guarantees the performance of Quest funds, the repayment of capital or any particular return. Please contact Quest for further information.